Aziz Ansari’s SNL Monologue of Donald Trump

For a long time, Aziz Ansari has been against Donald Trump for several reasons, the main one being anti-muslim. This has been headlined in articles from the time Donald Trump was a serious candidate for the Republican Party.

Ansari was raised by Muslim parents, and is concerned about the hatred directed towards that community. He gave out some statistics, citing that over half of the mass shootings were by white males, which goes against public opinion.

In his time as SNL host this time, he started off with comedy as all hosts do. When it came to serious talk about President Trump, he criticized Trump’s tweeting habits. Ansaribasically asked for Trump to be more like a president instead of a personality.

Ansarilater went on to address the racism in America, and addressed it as a “lower-case k.k.k. movement.” Ansarifeels that this movements should be taken care of, but in reality is being given leeway because it’s being led by Trumps top advisor, Steve Bannon.

At the end of his monologue, Ansari urged the public to take action, because that’s where the power lies in this government. From how Day One of Trump’s presidency is going, that crowd is angry and ready to take action.


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