Ashley Judd’s Breakout of “Nasty Woman” During the Women’s March

Ashley Judd, an actress and political activist, was the center of attention at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, 21st of January. With an estimated 500,000 attendees, she spoke to a crowd similar or more in size than Trump’s Inauguration.

During her time on stage, she recited a poem that incited a lot of emotion from the crowd, part of which has been transcribed here:

I'm a nasty woman,
I'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust
I didn't know that devils could be resurrected, 
but I feel Hitler in these streets
A mustache traded for a toupee, Nazis renamed "The Cabinet"
Electro-Conversion Therapy renamed the new gas chambers
Shaming the gay out of America, turning rainbows into suicide
No, I am not as nasty as racism, fraud, conflict of interests, or ignorance,
But yeah I'm a nasty~ woman.
We are here to be respected
We are here to be nasty
I am nasty like the blood stains on our sheets
I am nasty like 
And our pu----s ain't for grabbin'.

This poem was written by a 19-year-old spoken word poet, Nina Donovan, last year. She said that she “was seeing the physical form of everything [she] was saying in [her] poem.” The recurring theme of “nasty woman” could be in reference to Trump calling out previous presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by the same title at the last presidential debate.

Woman’s March on Washington organizers claim that the demonstration was supposed to be more pro-women than anti-Trump. However, Judd didn’t let this opportunity pass and cited criticism that she and potentially other audience members carried in their mind.

There are many responses to this rally, tell us your side of the story to continue the conversation using the questions form.


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