Hillary Fan vs. Trump Fan, One Gets Kicked Off the Plane, Which One is Crazy?

The day after Trumps inauguration, Saturday January 21st, an argument erupted between two passengers on a plane. What started as a cordial conversation between these two caused a ruckus.

In the beginning of the conversation, the male passenger (right seat in the picture above) said he was here to celebrate, and caused the female passenger (middle seat in the picture above) to call him names. It was not clear why he was at that city to celebrate, and it could have been for a birthday or something, but it could have been the Trump rally,  based on what the female passenger says next.

She requests the flight attendant get the male passenger to switch seats, and that there will be a problem if the attendant doesn’t comply. The female passenger goes on to say “you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button,” so at this point it can be safe to say he was there to celebrate Trump’s inauguration. She goes on to criticize that Trump doesn’t “believe” in climate change, and sarcastically taunts that gravity is just a theory.

At this point, another flight attendant (blue vest in picture above) asks the female passenger to grab her belongings and come with him. Now the pressure has shifted from the two passengers’ confrontation to the female passenger remaining on the plane. She insists that the male passenger is in his space, and that she’s going to get to her destination tonight to attend her husband’s funeral.

The argument goes in a cycle, and it is unknown what happens next. Will the female passenger leave? Will the flight attendant just switch the seating around?


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  1. Rb says:

    If you listened,you’d hear that she says it’s her husband’s mother who passed. Her husband is sitting next to her


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