Madonna at D.C. Women’s March: Trump can go Suck a D**k, Trump

On Saturday, January 21st, Madonna spoke critically against Trump’s new position. Her speech included thinking about blowing up the White House, saying “F**k you” to all the haters/critics, and that they will not back down; no true force can stand up to true solidarity.

On the other hand, she said that there are two options to go from here: choose to hate or choose to love. She chose love, and started a chant to get the crowd pumped up for her following performance. She changed her lyrics of “Human Nature” to “I’m not your b**ch, Donald Trump suck a d**k.”

Her wanting the audience to “choose love” seemed in place at the rally, since the coordinators wanted the Women’s March to be more about feminism and its ongoing agenda instead of Trump. The altered lyrics may have been to provide some comic relief, and to strengthen her argument to unite.

She ended her stage time with thanking everyone for coming, supporting, and reassuring that this is just the beginning. Choose love.


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