Star Wars VIII Rumors Stewing

The movie’s title for the eighth official installment of Star Wars has been revealed: The Last Jedi. Keep note there has already been a Return of the Jedi (the sixth episode), so what happens next is up in the air. The cast has also confirmed that they have finished shooting, and the late Carrie Fischer has her role in this movie. The crew of the film has stated that they will visually recreate Fischer’s character for the ninth episode, starting to film sometime in 2018.

Rian Johnson, the director for this movie, stated that it will explore the motivations of Rey, Finn, Poe, and the connection between Rey and Luke Skywalker. There has been no mention of who Snoke is, or how he will affect the story yet. The title is usually straight forward for the second movie in the set of three, so rumors are if there is one jedi and one is training… but one becomes the last jedi… one of them has to go. Recall that in Episode VII, the Last Order stated that they “will not rest until Luke Skywalker is destroyed.”

Another thing to note is that in Episode VI, Lucasfilm did a whole rehaul of the dark side, and traded the Sith for the Knights of Ren; the same may happen to the light side. There are many fan theories out there circling around, but it is predicted that the public will be given small hints of the movie from now until December.

Recently, it was teased that a “first look” at Star Wars 8 would be coming on Mark Hamill’s show Pop Culture Quest. The estimated release date is going to be December 15, 2017. Mark your calendars now.


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