Aziz Ansari Sets Trumps “White Supremacy” Ablaze in SNL Monologue

On Saturday, January 21st, Aziz Ansari hosted the first SNL episode during Trump’s presidency, and his second one this week. Ansari opened up with he knows that Trump is probably sitting comfy at home, “watching a brown guy make fun of him.” He then started his criticism with a disclaimer: not everyone who “voted for Trump are dumb racists, misogynists, or homophobic.”Some people have different priorities; some people were just there for the general ideas and don’t know much about everything else. Ansari then went on to juxtapose Trump to the Chris Brown of politics. The slogan “Make America Great Again” is his “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal.”

Ansari then said that just because Trump won, does not mean people can hold back from pretending to be racist. That is still not acceptable in today’s society, and he pleaded those people to go back to pretending; he would be satisfied with that instead of trying to educate all of them. He referred to the kkk supremacy again, the casual white supremacy. He asked Trump to make a real address towards this situation, because he’s the President now and there are citizens that are unhappy with what’s going on. So far, Trump has been calling this movement lame and not really dealing with any of the protest.

Ansari ended his monologue on a comforting note: To those who support Trump, that’s great, let’s hope he does a good job. To those that are scared during this time, take a look at history. Change did not come and go with Presidents, change was from the people of the United States of America. Change comes from a large group of angry people. If the events on the first day of Trump’s presidency are representative of what’s to come, then you all are one angry mob.



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