Trump Finalizing the Mexico Wall Plans: They are Going to Pay for it

Wednesday, January 24th, Trump ordered the construction of the Mexico border wall. This wall is also intended to stop Syrian refugees and other “terror prone” immigrants from re-settling in the United States. The executive order will be signed when Mexico’s foreign minister visits Washington, D.C. near the end of this month. The two have worked together before, and it is anticipated this deal will go smoothly.

President Trump is going to deal with illegal immigrants as early as this week, by ending a decade-old program that allowed vulnerable refugees from around the world to come to America.

Trump’s administration has also contacted the Army Corps of Engineers’ Southwest Division, which built the previous wall along the Mexico border.

Although Mexico said they will never pay for the wall, in truth they will. The way this works is that Mexico is in need of trade with the United States, and the United States will tax that trade with Mexico harder. So in essence, the United States will pay the down payment, and then Mexico will repay us later.

Now the question is if the wall is purely symbolical? Will the wall really stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border? Or will there be hidden defenses in the wall to really make it impossible to trespass?


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