How Dare Trump do this to Melania!!

There have been more and more information surfacing about how Trump treats Melania. The most famous ones are about how Trump doesn’t treat Melania like a lady, how they aren’t really a good couple, or how Melania looks disturbed when in close proximity with Trump.

However, this video shows something new. The couple is manifesting their tension in physical form now. At first it looks like Donald Trump wants to hold her hand to get her in a photo with her on the left, him on the right. As Melania closes in, she forces her hand away and mouths “stop it” to President Trump before resuming her facade.

She continues to hold up, we’ll see if she can push back withhin soon. #FreeMelania

If you haven’t already, you can read more about #FreeMelania at another blog article of ours:



One Comment Add yours

  1. Terry L Edwards says:

    I call bullshit! Petty made up bullshit! Is this a libtard thing?


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