Trump Already Using Feds to do his Bidding?

Tuesday night, January 24th, Trump tweeted the following:

This may have come in response to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) calling President Trump to focus on more dire causes. Trump later said that if the mayor can’t handle the situation, he must ask for Federal help. It is not clear what Trump is implying, but previous events have caused FBI to be embedded with local police for extra security.

A spokesman for Emanuel did admit that the federal government can help with tracking illegal weapons, prosecuting such cases, and providing funds for additional police forces. The Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson, also agreed on these efforts.

During Trump’s campaign, he met with a “top police officer in Chicago,” and promised that he could resolve the situation within one week. While this shows how confident Trump was at the time, the Chicago Police staff said that the meeting never happened, and the Trump administration didn’t want to publish the name of the top police officer. During his campaign, Trump also said that he could employ stop-and-frisk searches, just like in New York City, to give protection to all citizens of every race.

Are the feds really going to solve this situation within a week? Will there be more protests over this action? Representative Justin Amash alrady has some criticism for Trump’s “sending in the feds” too quickly. Will this spark more protests?


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