Trump Losing State Department Support

Ever since Trump’s election was becoming a reality, government officials, celebrities, and citizens have all joked about leaving. So far most people haven’t moved to Canada, but there is an exodus of government officials that don’t want to stick around for the Trump era. In particular, the entire board of senior foreign service officers have left, leaving Secretary of State Rex Tillerson alone to handle the responsibilities.

These officials have served under both Democratic and Republican administrations, but were not going to work with trump. To be clear, they voluntarily left, and were not ordered to be replaced by Trump. Other foreign service officers have also left their positions, leaving an uneasy void to fill. Those positions need experienced people who understand the complications with foreign countries.

One frustration going on in the department is that foreign affairs is the result of the whole department working together, not one person making the decisions (Trump). Trump’s policies and executive orders are angering other countries, and the forthcoming consequences of these actions are unpredictable. German Chancelor (President equivalent) Angela Merkel has already given up on Trump “acting presidential.” The Netherlands are already defying threats and going on their own agenda. In this first eventful week created by Trump, so many are already frustrated and the United States really will be going through an overhaul.


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