Kylie’s Confrontation with Vlada Haggerty Over Lawsuit

Throughout last year, Kylie Jenner and Vlada Haggerty were fighting over ownership of a gold-and-red style. Haggerty originally came up with the makeup for the image on the right, and Jenner made an Instagram post (middle). The two have been fighting since, and even started a lawsuit in late November 2016.

Haggerty’s lawyer stated that Jenner has taken Haggerty’s work in the past, and used it for her own make-up brand, Kylie Cosmetics. This has occurred at least twice, once with Kylie’s Holiday Collection and another with golden dripping lips (below). The dripping lips caused a lot of confusion, since Kylie’s brand started in 2016 represented by those lips, when Haggerty had already published work of dripping lips.

Photographer Julia Kuzmenko McKim, who worked with Haggerty on the dripping lips images, tagged another photographer Marcelo Cantu. Cantu was the photographer responsible for Jenner’s Holiday Collection photos, and may have used Haggerty & McKim’s work as inspiration.

Jenner’s team has not released public statements regarding the matter, but instead worked with Haggerty’s team. Since the lawsuit was filed, neither side seeked to persue the case.

Now, several months later, it seems like Jenner and Haggerty have made ammends. A month after the lawsuit was filed, Kylie’s Instagram of 890,000 followers re-posted the images with a caption that gives credit to and praises Haggerty. The two must have worked it out somehow since then and now.


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