BMW Upgrading and Giving a Facelift to the M3

Back in 2015, BMW had made some visual upgrades to their line of cars. Now, the M3 is getting another facelift, not because it’s not good enough, but to make it even sexier. Similar to how eyebrows are now a beauty trend, BMW has chosen to replicated it on their M3. One of the main cosmetic differences, the M3’s front LED lights now span from the sides to the kidney grills, and are also more thin to match the M4 (below).

In addition to the front end cosmetics, the M3 is also going to receive a new suspension system, 20-inch black rims, a black M-style exhaust, and have two leather seats with the M signature series logo (below, but not on a truck). There will also be options to upgrade the car to a maximum of 450 horsepower, which can go from 0 to 60 mph in under 4 seconds.

Production is predicted to start in July 2018, and perspective owners can get their hands on them as early as August 2018.


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