California a New Country Soon? Which States Next?

What began as a joke, #Calexit is now building some momentum. It all started when California has had enough of the Trump campaign, and his presidency was quickly becoming a reality. In addition to having different views on abortion, global warming, and other initiatives, Clifornians thought they don’t want to be with the rest of the United States anymore. California is a great economic prospect, and is subsidizing other states while the state itself needs some improvement in pavement.

The next step to secession is to get 585,407 voter signatures to show up on the November 2018 ballot. The group behind this movement, Yes California, now has six months to get that many residents to sign. If this passes, then the next step is in November 2019 to vote for California to become an independent nation.

“There’s lot of evidence suggesting the 35 states who all voted for Trump have very different values and don’t like California. They don’t like immigrants, don’t like accents. They don’t believe in LGBT rights, women’s rights,” says Yes California spokesman Marcus Ruiz Evans.

When the president of the Yes California movement, Louis Marinelli, was asked what he thinks California will do after the secession, he said that that’s up to Californians to decide. Other than that, nothing much will change; the state can still hold its values.

Although the movement is gaining momentum and now has the next steps planned out, there have been critiques, too. Many citizens not with the movement would not like to secede, and there is a lack of funding. Further more, many volunteers have exited the campaign. To get that many voters and then get the majority of Californians to give the “ok” will be a large task to handle.


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