Hate Crime, Fueled by Trump

Wednesday evening, January 25th, at John F. Kennedy International Airport, a Robin Rhodes attacked a 60-year-old Muslim worker. His reasoning: Trump “will get rid of all of you.” The 57-year-old was traveling from Worcester, Massachusetts, physically and verbally assaulted a female Delta Airlines employee who was wearing a hijab. Rhodes is now facing many charges of hate crime, and it is unclear whether or not he has an attorney.

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown stated that “Crimes of hate will never be tolerated,” and is dealing with the case. Delta spokesman Anthony Black said that “people who are violent or exhibit bullying behavior are not welcome.”

According to the District Attorney’s Office, Rhodes approached the employee when she was praying in the room, and physically forced the door open. The woman asked why Rhodes interrupted, to which he responded “You did nothing wrong but I am going to kick your A*s.” The woman ran after being kicked, and Rhodes followed imitating prayer as to not draw attention.

If convicted, Rhodes faces up to four years in prison. His acts of violence are in the same vein as others on the internet, seeing Trump’s election victory as a pass to show acts of bigotry. There have been a handful of incidences so far, and there’s no club or cult or anything that’s telling them to do these acts. How do you think America should deal with these and future incidents? How are we supposed to educate the public that this is not ok, even in the face of the Trump Presidency?


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  1. lenazink says:

    I’m buying a habib! Don’t be surprised if many women are wearing Habib’s we will all register as Muslim and let these people kick your mama your sister your wife.!!!


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