Did Donald Trump Assassinate a KGB?

During the election, there have been rumors that Donald Trump received help from the Russians. Politicians are also worried that World War 3 may break out due to poor international relations.

As nations try to keep tabs on teach other, they also need to make sure their secrets aren’t discovered. A MI6 agent (British CIA) Christopher Steele was gathering information on Trump, and received aid from Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB head. On December 26th, Erovinkin was found dead at back of his car in Moscow. The media did not need more drama in the political world, so they framed the cause of death as a heart attack. His body was sent to the morgue, and there was no cause of death found.

Erovinkin was working on a file of Donald Trump, which has been released to the public. Trump has dismissed it as fake news, similar to everything else he doesn’t agree with.

One theory is that Trump and his allies (maybe Putin) had Erovinkin assassinated, to protect their plans or secrets. Trump’s involvement has been questioned, but he dismissed it because there is no evidence to link him to the murder.

Some associated with Erovinkin are now in hiding, so something must be up. What do you think Trump is trying to do to his adversaries?


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  1. Paragraph 4: Putin was not assassinated. Please add a correction.


    1. shjnews says:

      Haha thanks for helping me out 🙂 I’ll correct it momentarily.


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