Flag Burning in Texas Roads; FedEx Employee to the Rescue

Earlier this week, a passerby confronted a group of people burning the American Flag out in the open streets. The crowd consisted of some residents, and a FedEx employee came over to also try to stop the flag burning.

The first passerby said that although he doesn’t support Trump, burning the flag is not the correct answer. The flag stands for a united nation, one that protects the freedom of all everyone, not just its citizens. It has gave protection, not just physical but also political, to many and here it is being burned.

After the FedEx employee extinguished the fire, he tried to leave but was grabbed by one of the crowd. He grabbed the flag, and held the crowd at bay. He then left, and there was no physical harm done to either parties.

Recently what Trump has done in his first week as President has caused many to be frustrated, and have caused many forms of retaliation. Is burning the flag going too far? What are their reasons behind it? A man in the crowd claimed to be fighting fascism, but is he really making an impact by burning a flag?


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