Here’s a Great Motivation Interview, Take Notes

A hitchhiker named Kai from Dogtown was interviewed by Fox earlier this week near Fresno, California, and was asked about a street fight that occurred. He started out with a disclaimer, something that he probably deals with every day and doesn’t want other people to be depressed about:

No matter what you done, you deserve respect
Even if you make mistakes, you're lovable
It doesn't matter your look, skills, age, or size or anything,
You are worthwhile. 
No one can ever take that away from you.

He then told the story of what happened. He was sitting in the passenger seat when a stranger walks up and starts bragging about what he’s done in the past, and the crimes he’s committed. Not seeing that Kai was convinced, the stranger proceeds to pin some other passerby onto the red shirt man’s car. He got out of the car and tried to help the man who was crushed, when the first stranger ran up to two other woman and grabbed one. Seeing this, Kai grabbed his hatched and “smashed” the stranger three times.

When Kai was asked what his motives were, he just stated that someone looked like they were about to murder a whole bunch of people, and someone needed to stop him. Afterwards, the stranger stood up and started chasing Kai, so he ran away. Eventually, it turned out the stranger (who’s head is probably bleeding out at this point) stopped some time back and was masturbating to children in a nearby school. The police were on their way, so there was nothing more to be concerned about.

Kai has no family, and is selfless to help others. All he wants to do is borrow a body suit and surf. It’s a hard life for him, because anyone he grew up with considers him dead. He only has himself, and that’s why before giving out his story he gave the disclaimer at the start of the story.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. phoenixlives says:

    It’s a hard life for Kai, but at least you can make a few bucks from advertisements, retelling his story.


    1. shjnews says:

      Yeah maybe someone can lend him a surfboard so he can live his dream


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