Obama’s Memoir Anticipated Best Sellers?

According to tradition, Presidents have written a memoir of their time in the office after their term(s) have finished. Currently, both Michelle and Barack Obama are writing theirs. According to the New York Times, who are experts on reviewing and marketing books, Barack’s memoir could receive a $26 million even before he publishes it. Compared to previous Presidents or First Ladies, Bill Clinton received $15 million in advance, Hillary Clinton $10 million, George W. Bush $7 million. This makes Barack Obama’s memoir the highest paid in advance. There is even more potential out there, as Bill Clinton’s memoir made $105 million in 8 years.

Obama is already an established author, with several other books before his presidency. Michelle Obama also has the opportunity to write the best memoir from a First Lady. Both are receiving aid from Cody Keenan (former White House director of speech writing) and represented by Bob Barnett on legal terms.

Obama’s previous books were on his life growing up, and his education. He stressed that education is vital to the raising of any child. Since writing that book, he has become a US Senator and the President, so the advise he gives in this memoir is highly anticipated.


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