Showdown Between Rihanna and Azealia Banks

Sunday evening, January 29th, Rihanna published her opinions on Trump’s Executive orders to Twitter.

Banks criticized Rihanna, saying that she shouldn’t chastise the president. Banks also noted that Rihanna isn’t a citizen, and should stop influencing confused citizens. She made an analogy to getting on the plane and hoping the pilot crashes.

The two had a heated argument of personal attacks, with Banks tackling how Rihanna is permiscuous and can’t perform, and Rihanna saying Banks has no fame and is screaming in an empty room. Banks’ Instagram continued with video explanations of why Rihanna should get more education or read some books. Banks even put on Rihanna’s personal phone number to Instagram, wanting whoever was reading to bombard Rihanna. Since the post, the number has been disconnected.

In the end, Banks was still bitter about the fight and continued making attacks, saying that Rihanna will need backup to win. Rihanna was over the fight and ended her long Twitter fight by reflecting on her time on her Malawi charity trip.

This isn’t the first time Banks has called out other celebrities. She has also told Nikki Minaj to “Slim down a bit,” horrible crimes happen to Sarah Palin, and even punched a random passenger on the plane for being in her way and being a “f***ing fa***t.”

Do you think Rihanna should have responded in the first place? Do you think that some or all of Banks’ arguments are valid? Let us know in the comments section.


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