#DeleteUber, What’s Going wrong?

Saturday, January 28th, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance decided to strike JFK Airport. As most taxi drivers are immigrants in New York City, Trump’s Executive orders have put the drivers in more danger. Some feel that it is the most dangerous time since the 9/11 attacks. To show that their 19,000 work force opposes the Muslim ban, they all planned to avoid the airport, an action that wouldn’t cost a whole day of revenue but would send a message. Drivers are also going to join the ongoing protest at the JFK airport to strengthen that message.

Uber, either taking this chance or naive to the Alliance’s efforts, still drove to JFK airport to provide their ride service in the now un-competitive scene. To rebel against this, some people have deleted their Uber applications and went on social media to show their dissatisfaction. In reality, they can probably re-install the app once this is all over. #DeleteUber is probably to send a message, not really a ending their consumerism.

Uber so far has made no comment on the event, but the CEO has made efforts to try to help employees who are oversees to get back into America. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has also decided to give affected workers 3 months compensation to help put food on the table.

Do you think Uber really wasn’t notified of this strike, or did they do it for financial gain?


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