Seal Team Six Obtains Vital Intelligence, at What Cost?

Over last weekend, Seal Team 6 conducted a raid on Al Queda in Yemen, at Trump’s request. It was planned for several months, and due to Trump’s aggressiveness towards terrorists Seal Team 6 was deployed without help of U.S. allies.

During the mission, three members were injured, and there was an Osprey medical aricraft sent out to retrieve the injured, but somehow malfunctioned and crashed. The team did not know what caused this to happen, but they couldn’t leave the drone so they destroyed it. The wounded troops were airlifted out shortly after. The raid started at night and lasted until dusk.

Trump called the mission a success, eliminating 14 members of the AQAP terrorist group and obtaining information about future plots against America. This came at the cost of four commandos injured, of which one passed from sustained injuries. In addition to this, there are various media reports of civilian casualties; some say the entire village was destroyed, others say several women and children only.

Trump gave a statement to honor the fallen soldiers, to uphold and protect our liberty in pursuit of a safer nation and freer world. This raid is one of the first of many that is part of Trump’s plan to eliminate terrorist groups within 30 days. Do you think his aggressiveness has paid off? Will Trump actually get all of the radical Islamics? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Ryan says:

    War isn’t pretty. If we can finally end ISIS, I’m all for it. This is why we have a military w/ ability to kill shit!! They are SHIT that needs killed!


    1. shjnews says:

      Yes but war doesn’t come at the cost of just our military, it also comes in the form of taxes paid, civilian casualties, foreign relations, and many others that we have to consider.


  2. Stephen McKitrick says:

    The person who wrote this has no clue about what is being written. Osprey is not a drone and if it was planned for months, how is it that Trump is to blame for the casualties? I appreciate the writers twist to make Trump look bad. Makes me like him more that he has the balls to do what is needed to win.


    1. debby s wise says:

      yep hes got the balls, so did GW


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