Lyft Trumps Uber … for One Day

This Sunday, January 29th, #DeleteUber has flipped the tables around to make Lyft the go-to for rides. It was also one of the top downloaded apps, surpassing top social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes. As of writing this post, Lyft has fallen a tad bit but is still ten positions ahead of Uber. Uber’s app rating has also dropped down to two stars, from its usual four.

Despite the current standings in both the Apple store and the Android store, the market share for Uber still is higher than Lyft. Whether #DeleteUber makes a permanent effect on this is still to be determined.

Ironically, there is a #DeleteLyft campaign that has risen due to Trump supporters, but there is no sign of it taking off. Lyft did not suspend its service during the rally either, and Uber is taking all the blame.

To read more about the Uber event, click here or Lyft’s actions here.


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