Pipline is Going to Happen Despite Backlash

The Secretary of the Army has given easement to the Army Corps of Engineers to build the pipeline. All that protesting the prior year has not stopped this decision. There were many crowds supporting the sacred land of the American Indians, but since then the Secretary of Army put that all aside and gave the green light to build on that land. There were many protesters who camped out last year, leading to 600 arrests, but now the camp has thinned out to about 300 people total.

This $3.8 billion project worried the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, who thought any leak in the pipeline could pollute their drinking water. Hearing this, the previous Secretary of Army called for a study to determine safety. Now, the current Secretary of Army has determined that it’s safe.

There are several more steps for the easement to be finalized, however the engineers seem to be drilling under the lake, and brought the materials close to the construction zone. Once this project is finished, will there be an impact on the environment or its people? Or will this be another event that doesn’t show up in history books?


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