Trump and Ivanka Honor Fallen Soldier

Trump boarded the Marine One helicopter earlier today unannounced. At first everyone was wondering if he’s running away from the media or something, but it turns out he was traveling to Dover Air Force Base for a solemn reason. The remains of the fallen soldier from this last weekend’s raid was being brought back, and President Trump flew there with daughter (not wife) Ivanka. Presidents seldom attend these events, but Trump saw this one to be important since it was the first raid under his presidency.

36-year-old Chief Special Warfare Officer William “Ryan” Owens from Illinois was injured and died of wounds during the al Queda raid. Trump called Owen’s wife over the weekend to offer condolences to her and their three children.

Trump stated that this brief trip was “very sad, but very beuatiful.” May Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens rest in peace and prayers for his family.



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  1. Grace says:

    How can you describe the death of a child as beautiful??? Trump has such a disconnect and inappropriate use of language.


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