Berkely’s Response to Yiannopoulos

Last week, famous YouTuber Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkley. He suddenly cancelled his plans, and there were many initial rumors of why. The university was open to letting him come, but he was concerned about safety because his views opposed the majority of the audience there.

UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks had steadfastly defended the right of the Republicans to invite Yiannopoulos to speak. In responding to the professors, the chancellor’s office pointed out correctly and courageously that “the courts have made it very clear that there is no general exception to 1st Amendment protection for ‘hate’ speech or speech that is deemed to be discriminatory.

There are also worries about Trump’s threats to take away some federal funding from the school. Don Heller, the University of San Francisco’s provost and an expert in federal financial aid, states “there’s nothing I’m aware of in federal law that would allow the federal government to strip financial aid funds or research funds from a university because the government claims they aren’t respecting First Amendment rights.”


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  1. Angel Fish says:

    Berkley seems awfully full of themselves. The government can also cut their funding due to their inability to control their students and maintain a safe environment. Clearly they need to be shut down altogether.


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