Immigration Ban Causing More Complications?

Kjell Magne Bondevik, right, a former Norwegian prime minister and NATO member, was recently stopped for questioning at Dulles International Airport. He always carries a diplomatic visa that allows him to travel to the United States without a visa. With the new immigration ban, however, people deemed suspicious traveling to the Middle East are detained for further questioning. He was placed in a room for questioning along with other passengers from the Middle East and Africa.

Bondevik was asked why he had Iranian stamps (yes, the mail ones), and what was his purpose for visiting Iran. He explained who he was, showed that diplomatic visa, and that he was there for a conference on extremism. He understands the need for tighter security, but with qualifications like his he was wondering why he was detained for so long.

Norway is not backing down from its stance of allowing immigrants in, and Bondevik does not want to create any drama with the United States. Some, including Norwegian minister of foreign affairs Borge Brende, is worried about the messages the Trump administration is sending with this 120-day immigration ban.


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