Hero: Kia Niro

Today is the day of creative ads on the American Super Bowl. It is the time for all the creative people to get those ads going because of the high viewership. As such, Kia has taken this opportunity to market their new car model, the Kia Niro.

This ad starts Melissa McCarthy, and focuses on her efforts to help save the environment. There are many downfalls, including her getting many of her bones broken but she always puts in efforts to attend the event. The end of the commercial has a voice over saying that even though she can’t save the environment single-handedly, she can still do her part by driving like one.

The Kia Niro came out as a concept car in 2013 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It was originally a 3-door car with butterfly doors, among many other fancy options. From the beginning it was designed as an electric vehicle, but even now it’s not marketed as one.

Steve Carter, Kia’s marketing director in Canada, stated that the selling point of the car isn’t the hybrid label. It’s that it can still compete with other cars of this type by offering what the average consumer wants: value for money, reliability and dependability, styling, and storage capacity.

It’s currently not the number 1 best selling car, but Kia has priced it at roughly $23k to strategically undercut the Prius’ cost. The Niro is also the first dedicated hybrid crossover on the market.

One thing I still have a question about is why they didn’t ask Robert De Niro to do an ad on this. Would have made a nice pun.


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