Hackers Shut Down Malicious Websites

A hacking group just shut down 1/5th of the shady websites on the internet by hacking into Freedom Hosting II (FHII). More than half of the websites contained child pornography (Source). All of this information has been made available to the public, so that whoever this information rightfully belongs to can change their security.

Most of the other websites include counterfeiting, scams, hacking forums, and emails of those using these such websites. The initial intent of this Dark Web hack was to expose this kind of information. While the Dark Web is known for hosting explicit materials and allows for the sale of drugs, it also allows journalists, for example, to avoid surveillance from an oppressive regime they may be living under.

Dark Web and privacy researcher Sarah Jamie Lewis “FHII made it easy for people to start playing with anonymous publishing – and in doing so created a huge vulnerability.” Some other services include a marketplace which allows for the trading of stolen credit cards, drugs and other shady dealings.



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