Ivanka Adjusting to White House

Since removing herself from her clothing brand, Ivanka Trump’s brand has been removed from several fashion stores, including Nordstrom. Since then, it’s unsure how she’s been doing, but we know that she and her husband have left their previous work to help the President. She posted this picture on her Instagram, showing that she’s doing well with her son Theodore, now 10 months old.

This symbolizes that women can be working hard in the workforce and take care of their children. We have seen a lot of power from Michelle Obama, and now Ivanka has big shoes to step in. Even though she’s not the first lady, she is still in the position to be a good role model. The mother of three has been a vocal advocate of child care policy, and helped President Trump shape an early childhood education policy.

Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, is also a senior advisor to Donald Trump, and has done some influential work with Mexico so far. It was also reported that Ivanka Trump and Kushner might have convinced the president to issue a statement backing LGBT protections in the workplace.


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