Jackie Chan’s Gang Reunites!

Back in the days, when Jackie Chan was budding out in the film industry, he started JC Stunt Performance Team. They did many movies together, and are now back for a reunion. Just like Jackie, they were trained without safety features, and have no fear. It was not a team that Jackie Chan led, but more of a union where they trained each other and supported each others’ careers. As time went on, members joined and left, and Jackie Chan grew more and more famous.

Jackie was invited to a Chinese television show, and then his former team crept up on him and surprised him. There was a video on the background honoring all the work he has done, and everyone was in tears.

The team was very close, and before any of them got stable jobs, Jackie provided for them. One of the members was looking for housing, and Jackie gave enough money to cover the deposit and several months’ rent.

“For forty years we’ve been through thick and thin,” Chan said during the tribute. “Fractured bones, broken limbs. Sent to hospital at five or six in the morning. No one sees that in the theater. Even as I receive the Honorary Oscar award, this is shared among you.”

One of the most touching parts of the reunion revolved around a sentimental jacket. It was freezing outside during one of the filming days, and Jackie saw one of his fellow team mates suffering from it. Chan gave the jacket to him selflessly, and the team mate kept it all these years. Such a sweet gesture.


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