Melinda Gates to Help 120 Million People

Businesswoman Melinda Gates has long been a proponent of contraceptives. For her philanthropic work she often travels around the globe. In some of the third world countries, she witnesses the difference contraceptives could make for the family. She has recently written a letter explaining how important it is for women to have access to contraceptives.

In her letter, she restated that she is working hard to provide contraceptives to at least 120 million women around the globe. As part of her Family Planning 2020 project, it is one of the programs against the Trump administration ban on funding abortions. With contraceptives, there would be no need for abortions.

The goal of 120 million was originally set as an ambitious but obtainable goal. Unfortunately, progress has been lagging. Gates does not want to pass this opportunity, so it is expected that she will pour more effort into this program. This program started in 2012, and has reached 24 million so far. To try to reach more people, Gates has also spoken at a Ted Talk, and answered questions about why this issue is so important.

It is important that this program succeed, because programs like Planned Parenthood are being de-funded by the Global Gag Rule. This means that American women are also going to be affected. To help Gates, you can find more at her site.


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