North Korea to Fire a Ballistic Missile

North Korea has finally followed its promises. Early Sunday morning, the North Korean military fired a ballistic missile off its eastern cost. This is the first incidence during Trump’s presidency, and his administration vowed to take care of.

Last year, North Korea violated the United Nations already by testing an unprecedented amount of nuclear devices and ballistic missiles. The new administration is going to try to get China to start to crack down on North Korea. China is one of the more dominant military powers in the Asia, and can be much more responsive to North Korea’s actions.

South Korea’s Office of Joint Chiefs stated that North Korea’s ballistic missile traveled 300 miles, and they are steadily making progress. Once fully developed, ballistic missiles may reach the Continental United States.

The numerous missile launches prompted Washington and Seoul to agreed to establish a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile battery in South Korea later this year. This is strongly opposed by Beijing, which is concerned that the system’s powerful radar undermines China’s own security. Tensions are also rising with the situation between China and Taiwan.


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