10 Last-Minute Valentine Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s day is here. Your loved ones (or family) are probably expecting gifts. If you haven’t already, you can still make something instead of buying generic store items. You can also just make this for yourself if you like them. Here are 10 ideas for gifts that you can assemble in a few minutes. Let us know how it worked out!

1. A box of chicken nuggets. There’s bound to be chocolates too, which you can include in the bag as extraneous stuffing. This is for those people who really love chicken nuggets, and believe me there are a lot of them out there.

2. A unique terrarium. This one, on Amazon, looks like jellyfish and is housed in a sea urchin. Fill in some dirt, water every once in a while, and it makes a nice decoration.


3. A scratch map, for all the places you have traveled together. This can be done with a regular map and whiteout. White all the land masses, then scratch it off when you’ve visited there.

4. A jar of Lucky Charms. Pick out all the regular cereal, and stuff the rest in a mason jar. It makes for a unique sweet treat. You can probably accompany this with other mason jars stuffed with random things, too. Anything in a mason jar works nowadays.




5. Love notes. Etched into a cutting board, on the mirror, or in a jar. If you run out of ideas of what to say, use bigger font or bigger pieces of paper. Or google more to write.


6. Pizza with hearts. Bake a pizza, cook the pepperoni separate. Cut pepperoni into hearts. Or just order from your favorite pizza place and cut the pepperoni.
7. A bouquet of something not flowers. Then you can add flowers on the side, or in between the other items, like the picture on the right.


8. A bookmark with an arrow. Buy a book you think the person will like, get an elastic band and make a cardboard arrow. Glue the bookmark together, point to a word you think describes them.
9. Personalized image with inspirational words. Once again, buy a map, tape some paper together, cut out the letters. This doesn’t have to be done with a map, it can be with a movie character or anything. You can also use the website Rasterbator.net to print out a poster on regular paper.
10. A gift basket. You can buy a basket and put anything you want in it. Then it’s a gift basket personalized for the recipient! You can include anything in this list or the store. This is special because gift baskets from stores usually contain items the store wants to get rid of, or are unpopular. By making one yourself you can control what’s in it.


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