Assassination of Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother

As quickly as some found out Kim Jong Un had a brother Kim Jong Nam, he’s now gone. The half-brother of the leader of North Korea was assassinated at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Airport. He was waiting in line for an airplane flight to Macau, felt dizzy from poison, and collapsed.

There are several different reports describing how Kim Jong Nam was poisoned. A Malaysian newspaper claimed he was splashed with liquid in the face, while a South Korean news station reported he was stabbed with poisoned needles. Either way, he passed away as medics were rushing him to the hospital.

Kim Jong Un has recently purged scores of his subordinates when he questioned their loyalty. His half-brother’s death is currently assumed to be part of this purge. Many news station find this plausible because Kim Jong Nam is favored by China and other countries as the replacement leader for North Korea.

Kim Jong Nam is the eldest son of Kim Jong Il, and was supposed to be the next leader for the country. Why he isn’t is also up to speculation. Some analysts think it was because Kim Jung Nam attempted to take his son to Tokyo’s Disneyland with a fake visa, and then was exiled to China. Other analysts say Kim Jong Nam’s mother was rejected by Kim Jong Il, who favored Kim Jung Un’s mother more.

After Kim Jung Il had a stroke in 2008, the country looked to Kim Jung Un as their next leader. Meanwhile, Kim Jung Nam was living in exile outside of the country. Due to the mass executions in recent years, he was hiding in Malaysia. Despite his efforts, he was found and acted on.



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